Queen Margrethe’s Modern Turquoises

Prince Henrik of Denmark, consort for 46 years, passed away this week, and to honour his memory, we are taking a look at some of his glittering gifts to the Danish Royal Ladies over the years. Click HERE to learn about Queen Margrethe’s Engagement Ring, HERE for Crown Princess Mary’s Diamond Flower Brooch, and HERE for Queen Margrethe’s Gold, Ruby, and Pearl Parure. Today’s feature is Queen Margrethe’s Modern Turquoises, which she often coordinates with her set of antique turquoises (inherited from Queen Ingrid), including the Turquoise Daisy Tiara.


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The brooch, featuring two large turquoises with a turquoise pendant, was the first part of the assembled parure given over 15 years. A gift from Prince Henrik on Queen Margrethe’s 60th Birthday in 2000, it was made by Torben Hardenberg, and can be divided in half, worn without the pendent, and also be worn as a pendant.


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The earrings were a gift to Queen Margrethe on her 70th Birthday in 2010, and were also made by Torben Hardenberg, though Prince Henrik was again very involved in the design process. Quite versatile, they can be be worn in a long configuration, with just one pendent or as a stud.


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The gold and turquoise necklace was a gift to Queen Margrethe on her 75th Birthday in 2015. Prince Henrik was unwell and not present for the celebrations, but delivered his gift in time for Queen Margrethe to wear it at a gala dinner that evening. Unlike the brooch and earrings, it was not made by Torben Hardenberg, but it is known that the turquoises were bought by Prince Henrik in Egypt. The necklace was worn on last year’s State Visit to Ghana.


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  1. I looove turquoises and this collection has quite a few lovely pieces. My favorite combination is the necklace, the pendant as a brooch, and the earrings in their stud configuration. She almost wore it like this when she used her turquoise tiara for a gala. The earrings in the stud configuration and the pendant as a pendant is also a beautiful pairing, just like in the middle picture in the bottom. The Queen looked especially nice in that picture!

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