Marchioness of Londonderry’s Tiaras

Today marks the 140th Anniversary of Edith Vane-Tempest-Stewart, the 7th Marchioness of Londonderry, who was an influential society hostess throughout much of the first half of the 20th century. The Anglo Irish Vane-Tempest-Stewart have have produced a plethora of politicians and socialites, Lady Annabel Goldsmith is the daughter of the 8th Marquess, and Edith was one of a long line of prominent Marchionesses of Londonderry who entertained at the family seats of Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland and Wynyard Park in County Durham as well as the famous Londonderry House in London, all of which no longer belong to the current Marquess. To mark the anniversary of her birth, we are taking a look at the Jewels of the Marchionesses of Londonderry- Continue reading


Queen Alexandrine’s Russian Sapphire Tiara

On November 30th, Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers in Copenhagen will be auctioning Queen Alexandrine’s Russian Sapphire Tiara from the collections of Countess Josephine, Countess Camilla, Countess Feodora of Rosenborg, and we will be taking a look at the history of the illustrious piece. Continue reading

Singapore State Visit to The Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands are hosting President Halimah Yacob and First GentlemanMohammed Abdullah Alhabshee of Singapore, on two-day State Visit to The Netherlands on November 21st and 22nd to promote and celebrate diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties. The Dutch Royal Couple visited Singapore in 2013, on the last outgoing State Visit to Queen Beatrix’s Reign. Continue reading