Today in Royal History | July 3


The Death of Anne Parsons, Countess of Rosse in 1992

[Rosse Emerald Tiara]

The Death of Princess Viggo of Denmark in 1966


Wedding of Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein in 1993

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Duchess of Kent’s Interview with Simon McCoy in 2018

Queen at Royal Scottish Piper’s Society Ball in 1982

Queen in Malawi in 1979

Banquet at American Embassy in Brussels in 1958

Queen at Scottish Royal Variety Show in 1958

Crown Prince Olav’s 50th Birthday in 1953

Prince Aimone, Duke of Spoleto and Princess Irene of Greece’s Wedding Gala in 1939

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Today in Royal History | July 2


The Death of Princess Fawzia of Egypt in 2013

[Van Cleef & Arpels Tiara]

The Birth of King Olav V of Norway in 1903

The Birth of Princess Marie of Greece in 1882

[Queen Olga’s Pearl Brooch]


The Wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2011

The Wedding of King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium in 1959

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Crown Prince Pavlos’s 50th Birthday in 2017

Scottish Opening of Parliament in 2016

The State Opening of Parliament in 1970

Crown Prince Olav’s 50th Birthday in 1953

The Duke and Duchess of York in Brussels in 1935

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Today in Royal History | July 1


The Death of Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan in 2000

The Birth of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1961

[Princess Diana’s Tiaras| Top 20 Jewels]


The Wedding of Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece in 1995

The Wedding of Prince Aimone, Duke of Spoleto and Princess Irene of Greece in 1939

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Somme Centenary in 2016

Princess Diana’s 36th Birthday in 1997

The Investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969

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Canada Day

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