Polar Music Prize 2018

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Swedish royal family attending the annual Polar music prize ceremony today😍😍❤ All the members of the family (minus Chris) and even Princess Christina and her husband Tord Magnuson were there😊❤ I have to say that all the ladies are beautiful (and the men handsome) but Crown Princess Victoria is the most stunning!😱❤ She looks absolutely gorgeous doesn't she?!😭❤😍😱❤ #swedishroyalfamily #swedishroyals #kingcarlxvigustaf #kingcarlgustaf #kungcarlgustaf #queensilvia #drottningsilvia #crownprincessvictoria #kronprinsessanvictoria #princedaniel #prinsdaniel #princecarlphilip #prinscarlphilip #princesssofia #prinsessansofia #princessmadeleine #prinsessanmadeleine #princesschristina #prinsessanchristina

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King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia attended the 2018 Polar Music Prize at the Konserthuset in Stockholm on June 14th. One of the most prestigious music awards, the King annually presents the prize to musicians in a variety of genres from around the world. Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Princess Christina were also present.

One thought on “Polar Music Prize 2018

  1. It’s so nice to see Princess Christina at these events! I’m hoping this means she’s in remission. She looks great, and so does the Crown Princess Victoria. I love her red dress and that she’s wearing a diadem in her hair. Is that the little tiara she got for her 18th birthday? It sure looks like it. 🙂

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