Queen Margrethe’s Engagement Ring

It was announced yesterday that Prince Henrik of Denmark passed away at Fredensborg Palace, aged 83. Married to Queen Margrethe for over 50 years, he gave her many glittering presents, which we will be featuring in the days to come. Today, we are taking a look at Queen Margrethe glittering Engagement Ring-

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Featuring two huge square-cut diamonds in the toi et moi style, one stone representing the bride and the other representing the groom, made by Van Cleef & Arpels. The unusual design is reflective of it’s very creative wearer. Queen Margrethe is one of the most artistic Heads of State, whose genius and vibrant nature is widely lauded.

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The first time the ring was publicly seen was when the then Crown Princess Margrethe announced her engagement to Count Henri de Monpezat in October 1966.

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In the 50 years since, the ring has never left her finger. The ring has been featured in many of the couple’s official portraits, and is often glittering when Queen Margrethe talks animatedly with her hands. I’m sure at this difficult time, it is a source of great comfort, and a symbol of happy memories.


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