Wedding of the Shah of Iran and Farah Diba

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The Shah of Iran married 21 year-old Farah Diba (wearing a Yves Saint Laurent gown with the Noor-ol-Ain Diamond Tiara) at the Hall of Mirrors of the Golestan Palace in Tehran on this day in 1959. This was the Shah’s 3rd wedding, and the match was orchestrated by his 19 year-old daughter, Princess Shahnaz. The couple had four children, and reigned until fleeing in the wake of the Iranian Revolution. The Shah passed away in 1980, and Empress Farah lives in exile in between Washington, D.C, and Paris.

3 thoughts on “Wedding of the Shah of Iran and Farah Diba

  1. The Empress looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day! Everything about her was gorgeous, from the beautiful dress to the exquisite tiara and jewels. But the best thing of all was her smile!

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  2. Oh, my goodness, yes! His first wife, Princess Fawiza of Egypt was gorgeous! She looked just like Hedy Lamarr. His second wife, Princess Soraya, was celebrated around the world for her legendary green eyes. She was also known as “the sad princess”, because while P. Fawiza happily remarried, P. Soraya was not able to find contentment. I think it must be really sad to have to give up on a marriage because you can’t have children- or in P. Fawiza’s case a boy. Luckily for the Empress she was able to have two boys, but I do hope the whole “it has to be a boy to inherit” thing will be a thing of the past soon. Gosh, I remember being so fascinated by the Empress when I was a child that I named Farah one of the dolls I got that Christmas!

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