Princess Alexandra of Kent

Happy 80th Birthday to one of my favourite Royals, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Lady Ogilvy. The Queen’s only paternal female cousin, Princess Alexandra has been supporting the Queen since 1953, remaining one of her closest friends and being a patron of over 100 charities. The Queen held a reception last month at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the work & patronages of Princess Alexandra.

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Princess Alexandra of Kent was born on December 25th, 1936, just weeks after the abdication of her uncle King Edward VIII, to the Duke and Duchess of Kent. Princess Alexandra lost her father the Prince George, Duke of Kent in 1942, during WWII. Her mother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent was the only war widow who had to pay death duties on her late husband’s estate. During the 1950s and 1960s, Princess Alexandra represented her cousin, the Queen, on many occasions, including tours of Australia and Hong Kong, and even granted independence to Nigeria in 1960. She married the Hon. Angus Ogilvy, son of the Earl of Airlie, at Westminster Abbey in 1963, and they had two children, who in turn had two children of their own. The Princess continued her official duties after the wedding with Angus, who was knighted in 1988, becoming Sir Angus Ogilvy. After being widowed in 2004, Princess Alexandra remains one of the busiest members of the Royal family. She attends many official events, including all the Garden parties held this year, she is a regular presence at State Banquets, and was most recently seen at the Queen’s Christmas Lunch. We wish HRH many Happy returns and the best of health in the future.


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